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What is CAMHS

Remember - if the person you first speak to does not help or does not believe you then speak to someone else.

What is CAMHS?

Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services – CAMHS – are a range of services provided by a number of different organisations to help children and young people have good emotional health and mental wellbeing.

Organisations who can help

Organisations working in the CAMHS area include:

Early Help
Educational Psychology Service (EPS)
General Practitioners (GPs)
Looked After and Adopted Children’s Therapeutic Team
Multi Agency Support Team (MAST)
Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH)
School support staff
Specialist CAMHS
Together Pathway Project

How we work

All organisations who provide CAMHS work to an agreed set of rules. These are:

  • We will work with you, rather than just telling you what to do
  • We will treat you with dignity and respect
  • Everyone is unique and every family is different so we will listen to what you tell us
  • We will treat you in the best way possible to meet your needs, through tailored packages of care
  • We will deliver our service in the way that best meets your needs
  • We will work with you to deliver services at a time that best meets your needs
  • We will give you information in a way that is suitable for you
  • We will treat what you tell us as confidential
  • If we think it would help for us to talk to other people who know you and share information, we will talk to you about this first

Our vision

Our vision is for the children and young people of Rotherham to have the best possible emotional health and wellbeing, to build social and emotional resilience, promote good parenting skills and for our services to identify problems early and respond to them quickly.


Confidentiality & Safeguarding Where possible CAMHs treat the information children and young people share in confidence. Only when there is a risk to a child’s safety (a safeguarding issue) will information be disclosed without consulting with the young person. This includes sharing information with parents and carers; in order to build trust with young people we will treat the information they share as confidential and will not tell parents and carers what has been discussed.


If you are not happy with the service you have received you can either complain via the CCG or the Council


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