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Remember - if the person you first speak to does not help or does not believe you then speak to someone else.


What is it?

Bereavement is when someone you care about has died. It might be a family member, a friend or a pet.

When someone has died we need to grieve. Grief can be different for different people – you can feel shock, despair, sadness, guilt, fear or anger or even relief, especially if someone has been ill for a long time. You can even feel numb which means feeling as though you have no feelings at all. Quite often people switch from feeling one way to another, almost without warning.

What can I do?

There is no way to feel better straight away or to go back to normal immediately but some things that people find helpful:

  • Talking about the person or pet that has died
  • Writing down how you feel
  • Do something the person liked to do such as listening to their favourite song
  • Keep photos of the person close by
  • Make a memory box about the person who has died
  • Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to work through all your feelings

If you know someone who is coping with a bereavement you could:

  • Spend time with them
  • Listen to them talk about the person who has died and their feelings
  • Help with practical matters
  • Try to be around on particularly difficult days, such as anniversaries


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